Our Team

"Let's get personal!" This is our team. Each and every one of them a person who makes sure that your support makes many hearts jump for joy over there in Brasil.

Of course there are many more diligent and passionate people in the backdrop that make sure everything goes by plan.

And by the way: You wanna get to know us better? Under "contact" you find everything necessary for that.


The Founder

Dominik Prinz

Dominik has brought the Red Line Children Charity e.V. to life in 2002. By then he himself was only 22 years old - and thus probably one of the youngest founders of a charity organisation in Germany. The kids in Brasil love him. And maybe that is one of the reasons why by now he is not that sure anymore which half of his heart beats louder: The German or the Brasilian one?!


The Co-Founder

Manoel Batista

Manoel is a real Brasilian and has brought Red Line to life from the very beginning. He knows the sorrows and problems of the kids like no other. And that is only one reason why he is on site every time we visit our projects, guiding all the details into the right direction with absolute passion.


The Co-Founder

Franz-Josef Prinz

A member of the team from the first hours. Since then always adding 110% to our work, Franz-Josef does over and over again perform small miracles to realize events, promotions or other short-term ideas. So for our kids he has literally moved some mountains already! 


The Sunshine

Cher-Ginger Baratta

When she laughs, hearts start to beat a bit faster. And not only because of that is she a unique member of our team: Cher can inject whole crowds of people with enthusiasm with her passion for life. She simply knows how to put a smile on people's faces.


The Energie Source

Angela Bento

When she enters a room, it becomes somewhat brighter. With her unequalled vitality she always manages to be an exceptional role model for our kids. She lives in Brasil and takes care of our projects right from there.


The right hand in Luxembourg

Marie-Paul Seimetz

Marie-Paul handles many events in Luxembourg that make Red Line better known, more popular or simply more publically present: Be it a Christmas promotion in ice-cold weather or a donation event in blistering heat: Marie-Paul always gives more than a 100% to make things happen.


The Reliable One

Mikaela Jorz

One can always count on Mikaela: Whenever our Team is planning a promotion or event in Luxembourg, she is there; pallning and supporting us where she can. And this certainly is one reason why our donation campaigns are always being such a success.


The brilliant organiser

Karin Melsen

Be it a donation event, a balloon promotion or a Christmas event: Whenever we need to quickly plan something in Luxembourg, Karin is there. Full of energy, engagement and the desire to foresee things even to the tiniest detail!