You ask - we answer!

Why are you called "Red Line Children Charity"?

That's a simple one: The very first project that we worked with after we had been founded was a foster home in Basil in which HIV-infected children got looked after. So "Red Line" at that time referred to the well- known red ribbon. Today, "Red Line" stands for the joy we have working with the kids and that runs like a red thread through all of our activities.


Why should I donate money to especially your organisation?

First of all: No matter who you give money to - you are helping someone with it. If that's with us or some other organisation. What may differentiate us is, of course, the size. We are a small organisation - and we want it to stay that way. Because only then we can keep it as personal as it is: We know our kids by name. We know the people working at the projects and enjoy their trust. We know what happens when and where with the donations we receive. And one other, but probably most important thing: We want "helping others" to be a fun thing. Fun for us, for you - and for the kids!  


How much of my donation does actually reach the kids?

We are quite proud to say that almost a 100% of your donation helps to change the life of many children. Why? Because we do practically have zero administrative costs. Our team works completely as voluntees. If we need promotion material, we get it produced for free from generous suppliers. If we fly over to Brasil, we do it on our own expenses. And if you want us to, we tell you exactly where your personal donation made a difference.


Can I make contributions in kind, as well?

Unfortunately, we normally can't accept those. As many airlines are not willing to do it for free, the cost of transporting them is simply so high that it is mostly easier and cheaper to buy e.g. toys, clothes, etc. on site. Additionally, many contributions in kind we receive are well meant, but prove to be useless for kids (e.g. winter clothes, etc.).


How do you choose the projects to cooperate with?

Most of all, we intend to support especially those projects that do not receive any external support yet. This is often the case when you go into the inland, because many of the bigger organisations concentrate on the big cities like Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. Unfortunately, many smaller projects in rather unknown areas suffer from that. And of course the kids there need as much help. A positive and important side effect: When working with smaller projects, we can closely work with the project's directory and jointly plan how to put the donations to best use. So that you directly can see the effect your contribution made on the life of the kids!


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