Visiting our 2nd home

26.12.2008, Manoel visits our projects in Brasil

In december it was time again! Manoel spent several weeks in Brasil to visit our projects, to organize future activities and: to help! Of course not alone, but with the many loyal and supportive hands of our team in Brasil. 

On top of the list for a visit was the "Casa Crianca Feliz". After the Red Line Children Charity e.V. had brought to live a new school building here last year, Manoel now wanted to see it "live" and in use. And that was an easy one! Upon his arrival he was welcomed by many new "students" that told him with excitement about their first days at school! A newly equipped computer course and a teacher that was financed by Red Line now also teach the kids about the essentials in the "online world". This is great for two reasons: First, the kids would'nt have any access to this important technology if not provided here. Second: Knowing about computers paves the way for finding a job!

Manoel had, as every year, a lot of small presents for the slum kids in Videntina and the foster kids in Naviraí in his luggage. And, of course, the "real" Santa Clause distributed them among the happy kids. It seems they have been good boys and girls throughout the last year, again!

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